Editoid Allows Final Cut Pro X Users To Automate Part Of Their Editing

This is really interesting… Editoid from iMageneering/Imagenharia in Brazil created an app that can help automate your editing in Final Cut Pro X, especially with reptitive editing like similar projects. It uses keywords to create templates, which will switch out footage for a new project via FCP X’s XML. Here is how it works:

1. At Final Cut Pro X’s project library, select a project and export its XML, saving it inside Editoid’s templates folder. Editiod watches that folder and automatically creates In and Out folders for each template.

2. Select a Final Cut Pro X Event and export its XML, saving it inside the In folder for the template to be used. Editoid watches all templates In folders and automatically creates a new Project XML for each Event XML in the folders.

3. Now, simply double-click the generated Project XML in the template’s Out folder and Final Cut Pro X will open it and show the generated edit.

Check out the Editoid quickstart guide; there’s a 30-day trial, and the cost is $149. Find out more at iMageneering’s site.

Hat tip: FCP.co and Ben Balser

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