Idea for Apple and Final Cut Pro X: Road Shows and How-To Seminars

Final Cut Pro X

I wanted to put an idea out to Apple to get the word out about Final Cut Pro X, and not just from bloggers like me, or websites like Digital Media Net. That’s right, I’m talking about road shows and how-to seminars! And why not? I once went on the road with the great Douglas Spotted Eagle of VASST to talk about HDV in late 2005/early 2006, and we had showed off everything from the proto-HDV JVC HD10 to the newest cameras from Sony, JVC and Canon, including the great Sony Z1u. We helped teach users about the technology and the jump from DV to HDV, plus they got hands on experience and instruction with the gear and software.

I think a road show would be great, because Apple can have the exclusivity, but also bring out their friends from Matrox, AJA and others, including third-party software developers making plug-ins for FCP X. It would be a lot of fun, and as a former film school teacher (and presenter with Spot and VASST), being able to get everyone involved and hands-on experience with top-of-the-line Macs is always better than just reading about it online or in a magazine like Videomaker.

As far as cities go, perhaps the big ones, like L.A., San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Denver, Cleveland, Seattle, Atlanta, Orlando and Miami (or Ft. Lauderdale, since it’s in between Miami and Palm Beach), plus some others. I also suggest hitting the international film and video scene, including Toronto, Vancouver, London, Paris, Sydney and others. Final Cut Pro X is a great NLE, I really love it and use it, and I think this would be a great way for Apple to meet one-on-one with editors, videographers and filmmakers, and really get the word — and instruction — out about FCP X.

I know they care about the pro users, and they’re listening. I feel this is a great way to not only show off and teach FCP X, but to also here positive stories and ideas. FCP X isn’t just a new interface for their famous and wildly popular NLE, but it’s also a new way of organzing and editing. It’s a seismic shift from what we’ve been doing for years, and I have seen my editing become more efficient.

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