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Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs

Sad news today as Apple has announced the great Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, and major innovator of technology and entertainment at Pixar, as passed away. Check out the nice page Apple has set up, and there’s an email where you can send your condolences to I owe a lot to Steve and his vision; my father bought me my first Mac for Christmas in 1994, as I was starting college. I wrote my first feature length script with it, and many shorts (and papers) for film school and college. It led me to buying a Power Mac G3 in March 1999 with Final Cut Pro 1.0 a little later, to edit my first film. From there, I’ve owned many Apple devices and software, and it’s always allowed me to be creative and get work done.

Thank you, Steve.

Nice tribute about Steve, and his history and legacy by Macworld.