November 3, 2011: NAB Comes 5 Months Early As Canon, RED, Avid Make Major Announcements

Canon EOS-300C

Canon EOS 300C (EOS Cinema), a hybrid HDSLR/pro HD camera, which I actually predicted to a friend. Here’s more coverage from my colleague Jeremiah Hall, who was at the event, plus looking at it from a director’s perspective. It’s basically a 4K hybrid HDSLR/Pro cam with a Super 35 sensor, that is small and lightweight, shooting film-like footage. It’ll cost about $16,000 for the base price.

RED Scarlet (image: RED)

RED (re-re-re-re-re-re-re-) announces the Scarlet. Impressive, but it adds up quick, REAL quick, when you buy accessories, etc. The Scarlet was first announced officially in April 2008 at NAB in Vegas (I was there), but the focus has changed to professionals (not hobbyists and pros, as stated in 2008) and the base cost is now $10,000; once spec’d out, it can run you $15,000 to $20,000, if not higher. It’s a dual-purpose camera, shooting video (5K, 2/3-inch sensor) and a digital still camera.

Avid Media Composer 6 (image: MacRumors)

Avid announces Media Composer 6, 64-bit, new UI, etc. Looks a little bit like Avid MC5.5, FCP X and Sony Vegas Pro. Avid needs to hit one out of the park, and they’re certainly aiming for the fences. The high-end NLE (non-linear editing) market is shrinking, so Avid needs to stay competitive vs. Adobe (Premiere Pro), Apple (FCP X) and Sony (Vegas Pro).

More analysis coming soon.

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