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Happy Birthday Final Cut Pro X!

Editing Hellevator in Final Cut Pro X

It was one year ago that Final Cut Pro X launched (along with Motion 5 and Compressor 4) to hype and, yes, controversy. Even I was hesitant, but with each update (including the biggies like 10.0.1 and 10.0.3), FCP X got more and better features, and of course 7toX made our lives easier, helping us translate FCP 6 and 7 projects over to FCP X. Even the latest update, 10.0.5, adds more stability and allows you to edit in full HD 1080p on the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, without going to fullscreen.

I have been using the app pretty much exclusively since 10.0.3 and 7toX came out, and I won’t go back to FCP legacy. I recently finished editing my latest short film Hellevator (more on that soon) in FCP X (which helped me learn this great app), and I’m really excited about the upcoming features Apple talked about in special NAB meetings. FCP X is a professional non-linear editing app that has changed everything I do when I cut. The features are incredible, including the meta data, keywords, smart collections, skimmer, magnetic timeline, Roles, multicam, third-party apps and more. Editing, sound and color, all in one app! And Motion 5 and Compressor 4 aren’t half bad.

Check out’s timeline of FCP X history since it changed everything on June 21, 2011. And download and try out FCP X today, you’ll be surprised!

Free Pan And Zoom Plug-In For Final Cut Pro X From FxFactory

Even though Final Cut Pro X has the Ken Burns Effect, take your pan-and-zoom effects to a new level with this free Pan and Zoom plug-in from FxFactory. No need for keyframing, no need for a degree in computer animation, but you end up with beautiful and professional results. You’ll need FxFactory 3.0.3, which is free, and then you simply download, install and register the free plug-in. Get the details on this free Pan and Zoom plug-in at Noise Industries’ FxFactory page. The plug-in works with FCP 6 and 7, Motion 5 and After Effects. They also have a video tutorial available:

Want more plug-ins for FCP X? Check out my massive — and growing — list!

Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X 10.0.4, Motion And Compressor Updates

Apple has released the latest update to the revolutionary Final Cut Pro X, 10.0.4. It looks like a smaller update compared to 10.0.3, but still a good one that you should download via the Mac App Store. The update includes, according to Apple:

  • Improves image quality and responsiveness of broadcast monitoring with compatible third-party PCIe and Thunderbolt I/O devices.
  • Improves performance of multicam syncing and editing.
  • Adds language support for Simplified Chinese.
  • Adds a Share option for 1080p video on compatible iOS devices.

Assigns default audio channel setting for new projects to stereo.

  • Includes multicam metadata in XML project export.
  • Fixes an issue in which video superimposed over a background with an alpha channel could appear differently in Viewer before and after render.
  • Fixes an issue that caused some titles to be rendered again after each application launch.
What does 10.0.4 mean for users of the brilliant 7toX app from Intelligent Assistance? Co-creator (and genius) Philip Hodgetts said this on Facebook: “10.0.4 means that Xto7 now supports flattened multicam going from FCP X to FCP 7. It’s in the current App store version!” Sweet!!
Motion 5 has an update as well, to 5.0.3:
  • Improves loading time for projects.
  • Improves performance of text editing in Canvas.
  • Fixes issues with Fill Opaque enabled in images converted to Drop Zones.
  • Resolves a stability issue that could occur when deleting all characters with the Transform Glyph tool.
  • Corrects the pixel aspect ratio display of Anamorphic clips.
And, of course, Compressor is updated to version 4.0.3:
  • Ability to run Compressor as an encoding node on a Mac without a monitor.
  • Fixes an issue with exporting when logged in as an Open Directory user.
  • Improves performance when encoding mp4 and AVI files. (OH YEAH!)

As usual, backup all your events and projects before updating to FCP X 10.0.4.