Final Cut Pro X Released, Along With Motion 5 And Compressor 4

Final Cut Pro X

Apple released Final Cut Pro X today on the Mac App Store, for only $299. They also released Motion 5 and Compressor 4, though it appears Compressor is very much the same and still 32-bit.

Find out all you need about Final Cut Pro X on Apple’s page, plus Motion and Compressor.

Apple details supported cameras. Plus, here’s my blog post with Apple’s official FAQ, pro features, etc., which includes the addition of multicam editing, XML support, etc.

Apple has added more detail about key features. I think they’re listening. This is probably the start… show more of what it can do, and start adding in missing features, like multicam, XML, etc. Full specs and an in-depth look at the features.

I figured I should put this close to the top… the great Ted Landau has posted a Final Cut Pro X bugs and fixes/troubleshooting guide at Macworld. Ted used to own, before CNet bought it.

Here’s an Final Cut Pro X FAQ from Jon Chappell of Digital Rebellion.

Philip Hodgetts’ own FAQ, including what’s new, what’s still there and what’s missing from FCP X.

My friend and colleague Kevin P. McAuliffe provides a first look and tutorial video on Final Cut Pro X.

Also, check out this IMPORTANT blog by David Pogue from the NY Times (his review is below), explaining where things moved to, what things Apple will fix and third-party options (there are some). He focuses not on knee-jerk reactions, but what’s what, and where it’s at.

Update: Rich Harrington responds to David Pogue’s article.

I think you should read Bill Davis’ article on, since I can’t help but echo what he went through from FCP 1.0 until today.

Studio Daily talks to Apple, details FCP X and hopes to help you decide if upgrading is right for you (at least right now).

I haven’t had a chance to get it yet, so here are some reviews/thoughts/first impressions:

Steve Martin (not the actor)

Jon Chappell

Larry Jordan training and his blog

So far, FxFactory‘s most essential plug-ins do indeed work with FCP X.

USA Today takes a look (video and text).

Missing Features in FCP X

My friend and former colleague Paul Harb (co-editor of Rocky Balboa, Rambo and The Expendables) in this article on USA Today’s site.

MacLife: 10 Best New Features in FCP X.

TUAW has a video preview.

David Pogue’s positive review, NY Times; plus, his negative review of iMovie ’08 (which changed everything iMovie users knew and were accustomed to, much like Apple did with FCP X from FCP 1-7). Hat tip: Jon Chappell/Digital Rebellion on Twitter, and then re-tweeting someone else linking to the old iMovie ’08 review.

Final Cut Pro versions 1-7 used QuickTime; FCP X uses AV Foundation. From February 2011, what’s Apple doing with QuickTime? Hat tip: My friends at DVInfo (Craig S.)!

Daring Fireball weighs in, and makes good points, likening it to the transition from OS 9 to Mac OS X.

New FCP X updates, features and missing items added every 6 months??

Walter Biscardi’s review, and he’s saying goodbye (for now) after 10 years of FCP use.

And now the Conan O’Brien Show is making fun of it… Hat tip: Jon C. of Digital Rebellion

Former video editor and current Macworld editor Serentiy Caldwell makes sense with her article on why Apple needed to update FCP X.

Josh Mellicker weighs in, which is important to read since he was one of the first people to beta test, create the first FCP training video (which I used to learn FCP 1.0 in 1999/2000), and basically was at the start of the Final Cut Pro revolution.

Red Giant Software (Magic Bullet, etc.) announces support for Final Cut Pro X, including free updates for current FCP users! This is a big deal, because RGS is one of the biggest third-party app developers for FCP and other major NLEs and graphics/animation programs. I use Red Giant Software’s tools quite a bit.

Once the anti-FCP X, anti-Apple rhetoric (and it was getting pretty silly, huh?) slows down, some users are trying it out and liking it a little.

Movie news website /Film weighs in.

Michael Wohl, one of the original designers of Final Cut Pro weighs in, too.

Larry Jordan backtracks a little bit. Well, that might not be the best word, but that’s what someone said recently.

Jeffery Harrell talks.

Macworld’s review by Gary Adcock.

Art of the Guillotine’s review (part 2 is linked near the bottom of the page).

Boris FX is committed to supporting FCP X. I use Boris FX often.

Evidence of XML in Final Cut Pro X found in the code?

Philip Hodgetts (and Seth Godin), “Show me the Metadata.”

Philip Hodgetts discussed, in late May 2011, why Apple based Final Cut Pro X on Metadata.

Requiem for Color, which I really wish Apple would’ve given it a better UI, seriously. Otherwise, powerful color correction/grading software. Here’s my review of 1.0 from August 2007.

SmartSound is working on plug-in support for FCP X.

A whole ton of links to FCP X sites, info and more.

Macworld reviews Motion 5.

Big tip of the hat to my pal Ray Sigmond for many of these links! I’m glad he’s sending me stuff as the week ends (June 24, 2011), because cooler heads are prevailing, and people are finding true positives and negatives about FCP X. Positives are slowly outweighing negatives.

More soon, especially as soon as I get my hands on a copy.

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