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Troubleshooting Final Cut Pro X

I’ve spent nearly all my editing time with Final Cut Pro X the past few weeks, and it’s tough to go back to FCP 7 (thankfully we have 7toX to help with converting our legacy FCP 6/7 projects to FCP X). I haven’t run into any problems, but if you do, there are plenty of answers, help and even apps to troubleshoot FCP X and keep things running smoothly. I linked to a brief troubleshooting guide from Apple recently, but this will present links to more extensive help guides.

1. Apple’s Final Cut Pro X support page, which is full of troubleshooting tips and tricks, forums, links and more. Also, be sure to check out the FCP X official specs page, plus minimum system requirements, and more. There are some white papers, too, including FCP X for FCP 7 Editors and FCP X Xsan: Best Practices. Submit your honest and helpful feedback to Apple about FCP X — they ARE listening, as Richard Townhill assured me recently.

2. Richard Taylor of has a massive list of troubleshooting tips and tricks, and it’s extensive and very helpful.

3. Digital Rebellion has a set of Pro Maintenance Tools that can help keep Final Cut Pro X running smoothly. It’s a suite of apps that includes Preference Manager, Project Repair, Plug-In Manager, FCS Remover, Compressor Repair and many more. It’s affordable, and a must-have suite of apps.

4. 100 Final Cut Pro X Questions Answered, from last July, but still worth a look.

As with my Final Cut Pro X third-party plug-ins and apps, training and certification pages, I’ll keep this troubleshooting page updated with links and tips.