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Troubleshooting Final Cut Pro X

I’ve spent nearly all my editing time with Final Cut Pro X the past few weeks, and it’s tough to go back to FCP 7 (thankfully we have 7toX to help with converting our legacy FCP 6/7 projects to FCP X). I haven’t run into any problems, but if you do, there are plenty of answers, help and even apps to troubleshoot FCP X and keep things running smoothly. I linked to a brief troubleshooting guide from Apple recently, but this will present links to more extensive help guides.

1. Apple’s Final Cut Pro X support page, which is full of troubleshooting tips and tricks, forums, links and more. Also, be sure to check out the FCP X official specs page, plus minimum system requirements, and more. There are some white papers, too, including FCP X for FCP 7 Editors and FCP X Xsan: Best Practices. Submit your honest and helpful feedback to Apple about FCP X — they ARE listening, as Richard Townhill assured me recently.

2. Richard Taylor of has a massive list of troubleshooting tips and tricks, and it’s extensive and very helpful.

3. Digital Rebellion has a set of Pro Maintenance Tools that can help keep Final Cut Pro X running smoothly. It’s a suite of apps that includes Preference Manager, Project Repair, Plug-In Manager, FCS Remover, Compressor Repair and many more. It’s affordable, and a must-have suite of apps.

4. 100 Final Cut Pro X Questions Answered, from last July, but still worth a look.

As with my Final Cut Pro X third-party plug-ins and apps, training and certification pages, I’ll keep this troubleshooting page updated with links and tips.

Final Cut Pro X Troubleshooting Basics From Apple

Apple has published a troubleshooting basics guide with plenty of links for pro editors to access, in case they’re having trouble with the revolutionary NLE. You can access it here on Apple’s support page. There is plenty of good information, including how to back up FCP X Events and Projects, supported media formats and cameras, and much more. These are the basics, but you can always get more help and troubleshooting tips from the Apple Support page and forums, websites and forums like Digital Media Net (plus their forums), DV Info Net, and others.

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