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Final Cut Pro X Training Options

Final Cut Pro X

Here are some free and paid training options for the new Apple Final Cut Pro X, including links to Motion 5 training, as well. You can purchase FCP X here.

Also, I’ve posted a lot of reactions and news about Final Cut Pro X, plus some posts with info from Apple.

My friend and colleague Kevin P. McAuliffe has started putting up free training videos at Creative Cow. I’ll keep updating, but for now, this is what he’s got:

1. Final Cut Pro X – Kicking the Tires – Lesson 1

2. Other lessons from Kevin can be found here.

Ripple Training offers paid courses via iTunes (and it’s affordable):

1. Final Cut Pro X

2. Motion 5

Larry Jordan’s training (it’s cheapest to buy the complete training):

1. Final Cut Pro X training from Larry Jordan.

Michael Wohl, one of the designers behind Final Cut Pro 1.0, has some training videos at (the website requires a paid membership to access free videos):

1. A free quick start guide for members of mPV.

2. More Final Cut Pro X training modules.

Diane Weynand and her team — and Peachpit Press– have Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X,which is used to train and certify editors.The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro X,plus there’s a book for Final Cut Pro X for iMovie and Final Cut Express Users: Making the Creative Leap.

Message Boards with Final Cut Pro X sections, for resources and help:

1. DVInfo

2. Creative cow

3. DVXUser


5. DMN

Philip Hodgetts, who also has a cool blog.

1. An affordable eBook ($4.95), “Conquering the metadata foundations of Final Cut Pro X.” He wrote this book in a matter of four days, with a few days prior (starting June 13, 2011) to see an advanced look from Apple and time to plan it and incorporate a class he taught on metadata. I think FCP X and metadata are going to be bigger than people realize. It’s also on sale in book form and PDF for $4.95.

2. I linked to this on my other FCP X post, but it’s worth pointing out here, because Philip discusses meta data and how FCP X is based on metadata. Also, Philip Hodgett’s (with a link to general metadata info Seth Godin) “Show Me the Metadata” explains out it works.

Garrett Gibbons:

1. A cool FCP X color correction tutorial on YouTube (via Jan Ozer, who has an interesting step-by-step review of FCP X).


1. London SuperMeet with Larry Jordan! Videos of parts 1 and 2 are here, while you can find parts 3 and 4 here. (Thanks to for posting these up.)


1. Lynda is offering 3 free Final Cut Pro X courses, according to (Those are YouTube videos to check out.)

Not training (though Ripple Training does provide it), but here are 12 free classic generators from Mark Spencer and Ripple Training. Hat tip:

If I’m missing any training guides, user forums or websites, let me know on Twitter, @hmcknight. And a tip of the hat to my friend Ray Sigmond for emailing me some of the links!