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Final Cut Pro X Certified Pro Training And Certification

I edited on Final Cut Pro versions 1-7 for nearly 12 years when FCP X came out last summer 2011. I was never certified, and I learned from a variety of sources, including training videos, books, friends and colleagues, and more. I never got certified in FCP, even though I could easily have done so. Now that Final Cut Pro X has been out for about eight months now, and as I use some training material, I’m going to work towards getting trained and certified as an FCP X editor.

What made me decide to do this? I’m not fully sure, but stepping into FCP X brought me back to the fall of 1999 and very early 2000, when I was not only learning how to use FCP 1.0, but I was also editing my first feature film Skye Falling. In those wild early days of FCP, there wasn’t much in the way of support, but it was growing. Nowadays, there are many great Final Cut Pro resources, and a lot of great training options (click on that, because it’s extensive), so why not get certified? I consider myself a good editor, and I have a strong feeling folks are coming back to check out FCP X with the great 10.0.3 update, that it’s a great time to be a certified Final Cut Pro X editor.

The Final Cut Pro X Certifications

There are two types of certification that Apple offers, Associate Certification and Pro Applications Certification. The Associate is similar to the Pro Applications level one certification, as you learn the same things and use the recommended FCP 101 and FCP 200 course material. Once you pass the exam — here’s the exam prep guide — you’ll be a Final Cut Pro X Level One Pro Applications certified user, or if you take it at home vs. in an Apple authorized training center, you’ll receive the Associate Certification. From there, you can learn more advanced techniques, use the recommended FCP 300 training material and take the FCP X Level Two exam (prep guide coming soon, according to Apple). For me personally, I am going to do the Pro Applications Certification, Levels One and Two.

Ways to Train

There are several ways to train, either in an Apple authorized training center (see below), or on your own using the Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro Xby the great Diana Weynand (I own the Kindle version,good price and you download the special content), along with the Apple Pro Video Series: Final Cut Pro Xwith Steve Martin (the editor and instructor). There is the new, Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X Advanced Editingcoming soon, by Michael Wohl and others, along with several other Apple-certified books, like Apple Pro Training Series: Keying and Compositing in Final Cut Pro Xand the Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X Quick-Reference Guide (Apple Pro Video Series).The books are very important, because that’s how the certification happens. I also recommend using some other training material, including Larry Jordan’s video series on FCP X. There are a ton of great FCP X training options out there!

The other ways to learn FCP X for certification is to visit an Apple authorized training center; you can find a location here on Apple’s site by typing in your zip code or address. These training centers will take you through instruction, working with the software and exams to become a level one and level two certified FCP X user. The ones in Florida that are Apple authorized training centers include Future Media Concepts in Orlando, Go4Cast in Port St. Lucie, InstructUs in Tampa and Florida State College in Jacksonville. Surprisingly, there is nothing in Miami. By the way, I spotlight Florida, because this is where I call home, and I’d like to go to Go4Cast, since it’s closest to me. Future Media Concepts has training centers around the country, which is great! These centers use the Diana Weynand book as part of the curriculum. The only downside is the price, which can push into the thousands of dollars if you’re going for the two levels of certification.

Motion Certification

There is Motion 5 Level One Pro Applications Certification, too, and you can use the Apple Pro Training Series: Motion 5 (here’s the Kindle version, which costs less),the recommended preparation material and study with the exam prep guide, then take the exam at an Apple authorized training center. They also offer training, too, if you wish to go that route.