The South Florida Trilogy

Skye Falling

What is the South Florida trilogy, you ask? Glad you did! Back in film school in 1997, I was developing 3 films at once, first 9:04 AM, whose story was first developed in 1995, but I wrote the script in May 1997, then later I wrote, directed and starred in the short film Conversations…, then by the fall of 1997, I started working on the script for Skye Falling.

I once called it the Lost and Found trilogy (don’t ask), but now I dub it the South Florida trilogy. It’s basically the three films, interconnected by themes and stages of relationship loss (Skye Falling), recovery from a relationship (Conversations…) and finding new love (9:04 AM). None of the characters are in the other films, but thematically, the films are tied together.

9:04 AM

As the 10th anniversary of Skye Falling approaches on July 30, 2011, I thought it would be appropriate to show the trilogy, something I’d planned since around late 1997. I’ve even been listening to the Skye Falling soundtrack, by my long-time film partner Grant Balfour, who helped shoot and score Conversations…, co-wrote, scored and co-produced Skye Falling and co-wrote and contributed songs to 9:04 AM.

Part 1, Skye Falling. You’ll need to rent it from Amazon VOD, but it’s only $2.99, and you’ll be supporting an indie filmmaker!

Part 2, Conversations… This one is on YouTube:

Part 3, 9:04 AM. This is on ExposureRoom:

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