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Iron Man 2 On Blu-ray, DVD, etc.!

Man, I’m pumped to get the Iron Man 2 Blu-ray tonight at the midnight Movie Stop party! Two years ago, I was there for the first movie to go on sale. At the time, I had a single Iron Man tattoo on my right forearm, and it won me the big prize, a 12-inch Iron Man figure.

Well, now I have more Iron Man tattoos, so hopefully I’ll win the poster! I’m a huge Iron Man fan, plus I love tattoos. All the new ones were done by the brilliant Frank Lee at Tattoo Blues.

Screenwriting: Characters, Plot vs. Plot, Characters

As I develop the script for my new film Ambush, I realized I’m working on plot first, then characters. This may seem a little insignificant, because that’s usually how it’s done. You come up with an idea, a subject, then you flesh out the plot, characters and write the script. Of course there are a few more steps, but that’s how it usually works.

For me, this is kind of new. In the past, while working on scripts for my feature films Skye Falling and 9:04 AM, I would come up with an idea, or a visual (in the case of Skye Falling, it was a shot from the final scene; for 9:04 AM, it was a recurring dream I had), then I’d flesh out the idea a little to form a very basic plot. From there, I’d work on the characters, which would drive the plot.

As I said, it’s different for me to be working so much on the plot first, then focusing on characters, but it’s working out well. Of course, as I write out character bios, they are indeed influencing the plot. Maybe not as much as with Skye or 9:04, which were character pieces, but it’s helping me to get the plot nailed down.

Syd Field talks about this stuff in his great books Screenplay and Screenwriter’s Workbook, which I’m using to help me write the script.

The Imminent Krunch, a Short Film I Wrote/Produced in Film School

Here’s a film I wrote and produced (and did 2nd unit direction) in film school, back in 1996, called The Imminent Krunch.

It started, like most of my films, as a scene that popped into my head one day, while I was starting film school fall 1995. I was working as a projectionist at a local movie theater, had the idea and immediately told someone I was working with. From there, I wrote a short story that got me a B in my Creative Writing class (I called that Kaptain’s Krunch), then adapted it into a short screenplay.

I pitched it to Grant A. Balfour to direct–he was a fellow student who had directed his own film, and co-starred in a short I did called The Big Mess (1995). Anyway, we made and released the film film in 1996, and it was the start of our long-time film collaboration. We’ve made a lot of films since then, even if Grant only did the music for it, but usually he co-writes most of my scripts with me.

One little bit of trivia… I came up with the names via breakfast cereal. Mark Krunch is Cap’n Crunch; Bucky is Lucky Charms; Sonny is Sonny the Cocoa Puffs bird (he goes cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, just as Sonny goes insane); and Marty/Martin Tricks is named after the Trix Rabbit (he is always denied, like the character).

Worked a bit on my next film Ambush and thanks for watching 9:04 AM!

I spent a good part of Labor Day weekend working on my next film Ambush which will be a 3D superhero movie. I’m developing the script now, and hope to have a draft soon. That link up there takes you to the official Facebook page, where I’m updating. Also, please follow @AmbushMovie on Twitter.

This is a character I created while in high school, and even put out a little comic book after I graduated. I didn’t take it further, as I was pretty hardcore into filmmaking, and working on my first screenplay at the time (late 1994/early 95), and about to start film school after a year of math, english, photography, science and art classes.

Also, I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who helped make 9:04 AM Day (September 4, 2010) a big hit! You can still watch my last feature film for free on ExposureRoom. We had around 270 views before I announced it; now we’re up to over 2100 in just two days! I’ll be working on finishing the DVD very soon! Oh, and I’ll be spending some time this week getting fixed up.

That’s it for now. Off to bed and back to the daily grind tomorrow, but I love it!

Happy 9:04 AM Day!

Back in 2006, as we were rehearsing for my film 9:04 AM, one of the actors pointed out to me that September 4 is 9/04, and said it’s 9:04 AM day. I laughed, but thought, why not? (Not to mention that I’d get tons of text messages at 9:04 AM in the morning, telling me we were making the movie at 9:04 AM.)

Last year, in honor of 9:04 AM day, I put the movie up online for free. Well, it’s back again, but not for long! I’m planning on keeping it up for another month or so. Watch it here via ExposureRoom for free, of course!

Off for a few days

I’m off for a few days from TopTenREVIEWS. Time to kick back and relax! I’m heading down to my old job to say hello to some of my friends, many of whom I haven’t seen since I left in April. Then, time to work on the script for Ambush, my next film! I’m sure I’ll be here working on the new look, but for the most part I’m happy with how it looks!

Happy Labor Day! Be safe!!

Check out some of my films!

I wanted to let you all know that you can watch some of my feature and short films online for free! While I’m working on the 9:04 AM DVD, why not watch the entire movie online? Check it out online at ExposureRoom!

Also, you can see several of my short films and videos over at YouTube, as well.

The new!

Welcome to the new! I’ve had a personal blog site, with info about who I am, and a copy of my resume, since 2004. It was time to update the site with a fresh makeover. I have many blogs I plan on importing and setting up as an archive, once I figure out the best way to do it. You’ll be seeing some changes as time goes on, but overall, this is a nice, clean look, and WordPress is just incredible!

I want to thank a few people for their help, most notably the tech support at and Vic from Screen Rant, who convinced me this was the way to go for any website’s design!

I hope you enjoy the new look and my blog here. I hope to link to articles and reviews I’ve written lately, and some of my latest film and video work. Enjoy and thank you for visiting!