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My Short Film Hellevator Is Almost Done

Hellevator, starring Greg Nappo, is a short film written by comic book legend David Michelinie (Iron Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Superman), and directed by me, that we shot on the Panasonic HPX500 a little while back. It was shot completely against a green screen, and required all sorts of visual effects to bring to life.┬áMy long-time film collaborator Jeremiah Hall took care of all the VFX, using Adobe After Effects CS5.5, Photoshop CS5.1, Boris Continuum Complete 7, and Twixtor 5. Just a few days ago, he delivered the last clip, which I dropped into the cut, and now we’re moving onto sound FX and mixing, with the help of my long-time film partner Grant Balfour, who also composed the score.

In addition to the film being shot in 720p24 on the HPX500, we shot the background plates with a Nikon D200, Canon 60D and even an iPhone 4S, plus recorded voiceovers on a Sony HVR-V1u. I did the first cut, all green screen clips in Final Cut Pro legacy, but when Jeremiah first started delivering FX shots, I turned to Final Cut Pro X, and started from scratch — I didn’t use the excellent 7toX to bring in the old cut, I started fresh in FCP X. I had about 40% of the FX, so I used the green screen clips to create a new cut, and then I’d swap out finished clips as I received them. I’ll be using FCP X to mix the audio, and have laid the music onto my timeline.

Editing Hellevator in Final Cut Pro X

I’ll have a more in-depth article or set of articles on how we brought Hellevator to life once the film is done, along with clips or the entire finished movie. For now, check out our official Hellevator page.

NAB 2012 Coverage, Including Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera

I wasn’t at NAB, but the company I work for, Doddle, was. Here’s all the coverage from NAB 2012, including the surprise announcment of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. That one is a bit of a gamechanger, at least for Blackmagic Design, known mostly for their terrific capture/output/monitoring devices and DaVinci Resolve/Lite color correction software. Back to Final Cut Pro X posting shortly.

Sony Introduces New Professional HD and 4K-Ready Cameras

Sony introduced several new professional cameras on Monday April 2, including two NXCAMs, based on the AVCHD codec, featuring the 4K-ready NEX-FS700 with an S35 Exmor sensor, and the palm camera NX30U with advanced stabilization technology. Right now, the FS700 records in 1080p, but a firmware upgrade from Sony will allow it to record in 4K, plus an external device that will connect to its 3G/HD-SDI port. The NX30U is very small, but is still a professional Sony HD camera, recording to an internal flash drive or SD cards. The cameras will ship in June 2012.

Sony also introduced the smaller XDCAM EX camera, the PMW-100, which features 50 Mbps and 4:2:2 recording, better than the 35 Mbps, maximum, the EX1R and EX3 shoot in. It records to SxS cards, and has all the features found in Sony’s pro camcorders. This camera should ship in May 2012, earlier than Sony usually ships when they announce cameras; in the past, it’s been 4-6 months after the announcement.

Final Cut Pro X will have no problem with editing footage from these cameras.